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New Gameserver

29.03.2018 - 09:48:02

Sry, i can't type german in a text form lol

Regarding the New gameserver options that i like hope to see, are:

Modded skin like a Ghosthawk with the "sand" skin.

The option to use a soundmod yourself on the gameserver
- Dynasound 2
- Enhanced Soundscape

My last idea for a more improving and make it more attractive for/to the players:
Better Poptabs/loot rewards on ZCP missions.
The harder a mission, the better the rewards instead of respect only ;-)

Skin mods personal i like skins more isntead of the standard boring skins. Sound mods, ik like to have more realistic sounds in a wargame like Arma. Some sounds from enemy's makes you scared when you hear them comming, if you're using a great soundsystem, then you would know for sure ;-) (woofer and 5.1/7.1 effects)

These are just idea's, but this all will be cool when this would be possible ;-)

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